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About us

Specialising in bakery, confectionery, and catering machines, REGO HERLITZIUS in Wuppertal/Germany has been in the business of manufacturing modern products that combine form and function for over 95 years.

Our range of products covers everything from beating and stirring machines, to planetary and kneading machines, to cream cookers and premium-quality bread slicers. Tradition and progress are closely intertwined at REGO HERLITZIUS.

Our products are manufactured to a very high standard, as can be seen by the durability of our machines currently in use.

Find out about how we can help you in your work as a baker, confectioner, or operator of a commercial kitchen.


Hatzfelder Str. 115

Phone:  +49 20 226920010
Hatzfelder Str. 115

Phone:  +49 20 226920021

Products & Services

Powerful, user-friendly, and energy-efficient machines for the confectionery, bakery, catering trades and commercial kitchens.

The following products will be exhibit on Gulf Food trade show:

  • REGO® SM SERIES: Powerful, compact and user-friendly beating and stirring machine

  • REGO® PM SERIES: Robust, precise and easy-to-clean planetary, stirring, and kneading machine / planetary mixer

  • REGO® CK SERIES: Efficient, easy-to-use and practical cream cooker

REGO® SM SERIES: Beating and Stirring Machine (10-60l)

For many bakers, confectioners and operators of professional kitchens, beating & stirring machines for producing masses – particularly with delicate products such as cream, egg white and sauces – are a popular and frequently used alternative to planetary mixers. And rightly so – as the vibratory technology used in beating and stirring machines simulates human hand movements when beating ingredients. This creates masses with a considerably more stable structure that is less prone to collapse.
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REGO® PM SERIES: Planetary, Stirring, and Kneading Machine / Mixer (20-200l)

With bowl sizes of 20 to 200 litres, the Rego® PM series makes for easier, more precise, more hygienic, and more pleasant processing of masses, beaten egg whites, creams, and dough. Confectioners, bakers and operators of professional kitchens who espouse high quality standards need to ensure that their recipes taste exactly the same every time. The machines in the Rego® PM series ideally assist users in achieving this consistency with a wide range of standard equipment.

REGO® CK SERIES: Cream Cookers (30-120l)

The automatic cream cookers are primarily designed to meet the requirements of day-to-day operations and offer a number of useful functions for bakers, confectioners, patissiers and operators of professional kitchens. The devices, which are available with bowl sizes of 30 to 120 litres (30, 60, 80, 120), are ideal for creating puddings, coconut macaroons, poppy seed, semolina, and fruit fillings, sauces and much more. They can also be used to produce perfect mashes and scalds in bakeries.

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