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reamotion GmbH

reamotion GmbH

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About us

Based in Delmenhorst, we are a manufacturer of innovative grilling and cooking appliances for the B2B and B2C market. Under the brand "Reales Gastro" we offer the product series "GRILLOMAX " for the gastronomy and under the brand REALES BBQ our design-oriented barbecue appliances.

We implement what we do with passion and break new ground in development. Our motivation is the constant further development and the knowledge that you get a great product that you will enjoy for a long time. Criticism is our most valuable source of improvement. We combine design, uniqueness and functionality to create products that inspire and provide a high level of benefit. From development to production, we combine all functions in our company.

Our products all have that special something that sets us apart from the rest. Our modern production facilities and highly qualified employees give us the security of providing longer warranties than it is accustomed on the market.

Real Made in Germany


reamotion GmbH
Schanzenstr. 50a
27753 Delmenhorst

Phone:  +49 4221 154430

Contact person:

Emilio Reales Bertomeo
Phone: +49 1577 1479855

Products & Services

With the Grillomax appliance series, we have developed the world's first grill and cooking appliances with integrated plasma air cleaning. Energy-saving, easy to operate and can be set up anywhere, our Grillomax series appliances do an excellent job and simplify your food business.

Thanks to the Grillomax appliances, you can now prepare excellent snacks and dishes without an exhaust hood. All without professionals. All without heavy current. In terms of energy consumption, all our devices are true world champions.

With our Hotstation series we have launched the first 3D warmers on the market. Stylish and with perfect technology their dishes stay hot and crispy for a long time.

Our barbecue devices are not only strikingly different, but also unique.

The new Reybeef series is the innovation in the top heat grill segment the corresponding cart with many useful functions makes the Reybeef and the King cart a true master of the art of grilling.


The No-Fat "frying" of large quantities is possible with this model thanks to two high-performance infrared cooking units with with induced convection and separate control via the iControl displays is child's play! Even the simultaneous preparation of different products is possible!
- No smoke
- No external exhaust hood
- 2 x 220/230 V connection
- Flexible location and space saving
- No oil and grease smell
- Quick cleaning
- Simple operation
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DUO Fastfryer enables the preparation of large quantities of different snacks at the same time!

Hotstation XL

The world's first station with integrated 3D warmer and a large storage area for keeping your products hot and crispy, such as French fries, falafel, potato donuts, poffertjes, kibbelings, mozzarella sticks, egg dishes and much more.
- both areas individually controllable by iControl
- Long shelf life
- up to 160 °C surface temperature on the product
- 220/230 V connection
- Flexible location and space saving
- Quick cleaning
- Simple operation
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Der 3D-Wärmer - ideale Ergänzung für Mise en Place Zubereitung und bestehende Küchenausstattung.


Charcoal grill and gas grill at the same time and yet separate. Temperature measurement directly under the grill grate.
Temperature display on the cockpit, docking station for the REYBEEF top heat grill. Powerful stainless steel gas burners with different bore holes so that the flame comes out evenly.
Cooled grill body, double-walled lids. Cooled drawer, retractable gas bottle trolley, easy cleaning thanks to non-stick coated surfaces and much more make it a true king.
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DUOGRILL Empire - Grill like a king

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