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About us

Reliable quality, solid engeneering, a long operating life and innovative ideas for more sales - that's what the handmade waffle makers from the Neumärker manufactory stand for.

Founded in 1894, Neumärker is one of the first manufacturers of electric waffle makers worldwide. More than 100 years ago, the Neumärker manufactory was building waffle irons for the upper household.

Today Neumärker is the leading manufacturer of professional catering waffle makers, poffertjes equipment and crepes plates made-in-Germany. The devices are designed for the intensive, permanent and daily use in the catering industry. Every Neumärker waffle maker is build with the experience that makes it a reliable tool for decades.

Versatility and inventiveness as well as a feeling for new trends are also part of the core competence of the company. This is how Neumärker manages to develop new products every year that meet the zeitgeist and set new trends for the future.


Lohstr. 13
58675 Hemer

Phone:  +49 2372 927486
Neumärker Middle East (C. Cretors General Trading LLC)
Door No. 18, Salahuddin Road, Al Khabaisi, Al Bahar Bldg.

Phone:  +971 4 2696615

Products & Services

From the classic dessert waffle to trend waffles for street food festivals, Neumärker offers waffle makers with more than 30 creative shapes.

Besides the waffle makers Neumärker manufactures a wide range of high-quality catering equipment such as crepe plates, poffertjes machines, hot dog warmers as well as grill and BBQ units.

The made-in-Germany machines are designed to meet the demands of professional catering and are engineered for efficiency and reliability.

Waffle Fries

The sweet waffle sticks are the perfect snack for a walk through the city or a visit on a Christmas market. Fun design: Witty shaped waffles as local cult snack. Originality: Distinguish your business from competitors with an exceptional product. High profit: The fancy waffles animate your customers to buy with a high willingnes to pay. Customer loyalty through a unique product. Little space requirements: Perfect for the mobile application or as addition in a shop.
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Waffle Fries look like fries but taste like sweet waffles!

Perfect as a snack sold on the streets or as an addition to a cup of coffee!

The SWiNG Baking System allows to change the baking plates and to produce different waffle shapes.

Waffle Burger

Fancy a luscious waffle burger? Easy as pie! Stack some slices of dark and white chocolate with chocolate marshmallows, add some sprinkles and caramel sauce on top: There‘s your Chocolate Burger! Or do you prefer a Strawberry-Cheeseburger with cream cheese?! Fruit Burger? Or a sweet ice cream temptation?
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Together with our Waffle Fries a Waffle Burger is a perfect sweet fast food concept

Be creative and offer a variety of different burgers of your choice.

The changeable baking plate for the Neumärker Baking System.

The Neumärker Baking System

1 unit - 30 baking plates - countless possibilities!
A variety of different shapes make the Baking System a real allrounder for catering. All kinds of waffles, crêpes, donuts, sandwiches, pizza, churros or self-made ice cones. More than just a waffle maker!
The digital timer signals the end of the baking time with a sound. It reminds you on time to take out the waffle ensuring a perfect baking result.
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The dough dispenser for the Baking System facilitates baking and keeps your working space clean.

There are plenty of different classic waffle shapes available for the Baking System.

Besides classic waffles you can also bake crêpes, donuts, churros, sandwiches or even pizza.

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