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Martd GmbH

Martd GmbH

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About us

We at Nitro understand the importance of a good cup of coffee or delicious glass of cocktail. And we want you to have as much convenience and quality in serving your customers. That’s why we offer our machines and dispenser for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Espresso Martini, Cocktails or any other nitro-infused beverages, which are easy to install and serve with solid craftmanship from Germany.

We also do Contract Manufacturer for Cold Brew Coffee, Ice-Tea and Cocktails worldwide with manufacturing facilities in Germany (for the EU market) and the United Arab Emirates and co-packaging partners in the United States and Australia.

To get the whole experience right, we developed our machines to serve with our high-quality cold-brew coffee, ice-teas and cocktails. For partners in various countries we are taking over a full-service for the machine as well as the production of non-alcoholic and alcoholic-beverages.


Martd GmbH
Schellingstr. 153
80797 Munich

Phone:  +49 8921 536879

Products & Services

The Nitro Dispenser is a new coffee accessory that will allow customers to enjoy Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and other nitrogen-infused beverages. This innovative product serves as the perfect synergy between high-quality technology and forward thinking customer demands. The integrated injection module features real time nitrogen injections for dispensing different drinks such as Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Nitro Ice Teas, Matcha Latte, Milk Drinks or even cocktails!

A sleek and stylish design, minimalistic look with a clean body. A plug & play feature which makes it very easy to use and operate. Germany’s first-class technology combined with the best components make Nitro stand out among other coffee dispensers in terms of quality as well functionability. It merely requires little space on countertops but is always ready to serve creamy Nitro Cold Brew Coffee that would impress any connoisseur or café owner for its amazing taste!

Nitro Dispenser

Are you looking for a new type of coffee your customers will love? Nitro cold brew is one of the biggest and latest trend in coffee. It’s smooth, creamy, and has more caffeine than traditional iced coffee.If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your coffee without the guilt, give nitro cold brew coffee a try. The addition of nitrogen gas creates an entirely different texture that is smoother and creamier than regular cold brew or iced coffee.
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Nitro Espresso Martini Machine

Espresso Martini Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew Dispenser

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

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