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We have developed a process for cleaning cutlery for large catering services. The HTS process helps you clean, dry and polish large quantities of cutlery in just a single work step

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Walther Trowal was founded in 1931 and is a specialist in surface technology.

We have customers around the world from almost every sector of industry. We support them in areas like surface annealing, cutlery cleaning, mass finishing, small parts coating, blasting, process water, automation and networking, workpiece cleaning and drying.

Our durable, high-quality products are just one of the ingredients for our success. Ever since our foundation, we have also created modular, customised solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs and wishes, and are constantly at the cutting edge of technology.

Walther Trowal GmbH & Co. KG
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We have developed a new process for cleaning cutlery and kitchen accessories for large kitchens or catering services, based on mass finishing.

The Hydromechanical Three-Stage process helps you clean, dry and polish large quantities of cutlery in just a single work step.

It can even remove stubborn dried-on stains, rust or pitting fully automatically with stunning results.

We can also supply the necessary consumables such as detergent, drying medium and polishing media.

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Our cutlery cleaning units clean, rinse, disinfect, dry and polish your cutlery in a single work step. All items, from teaspoons to soup ladles, are washed and ready for the next service in a single, highly efficient process that requires little input from staff.

1,250 TO 5,000 ITEMS PER HOUR

That is how fast our units can clean your cutlery. The BRA 900 can clean 1,250 items of cutlery per hour, while the BRA 2500 cleans up to 5,000 items. This makes them perfect for cleaning large amounts of dirty cutlery. The items leave the machine dry and spotlessly clean, ready for the next service.


This process cleans your stainless steel or silver cutlery quickly and gently in three stages: washing, rinsing and drying. Rinsing items beforehand and polishing afterwards by hand are no longer necessary.

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